Chatting About Evidences – An Introduction

Time for something completely new! In this episode, Tim Boaz, a good friend of mine and a brother in the faith, joins me in a joint podcast. In this new effort, we will be coming together once a month to converse about evidence for God and Christianity. In this talk, we introduce the topic of Christian Evidences and why it […]

Subjection for the Lord’s Sake, Part 2

This week Peter continues talking about being in subjection for God’s sake. He starts by talking about wives submitting to their husbands. He then makes sure that the husbands understand their responsibilities as well. Finally, we discuss our suffering and how it glorifies God and allows us an opportunity to defend God’s name.

1st Peter – Subject for the Lord’s Sake

How do we respond when the government or anyone else mistreats us? Do we fight back? Would the world around us say that we use our freedom for service? Peter explains that in these scenarios, we have an obligation to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. In doing so, not only do we become like him, but we can also […]